MEXS 400

World Debut – Modular test system with the following components and services

Flexibility redefined

By adding module shafts and lengthening the rails, the basic machine can always be expanded by two module slots. Our technicians can expand the MEXS 400 on-site to up to 10 prefabricated, standardized modules.

Test tasks for new products can be discussed and planned in advance. The required modules are pre-equipped and are available at the start of production.

As in the past, all the visual and tactile measuring methods from LAW NDT are also available for the MEXS 400.

The compact design of the MEXS 400 and the step away from the rotary table with its ever-increasing diameters towards the oval transport path reduces the space required. The possibility of modular expansion means that there is no need to purchase an additional machine for large quantities.
If a module fails, production can be restarted immediately by simply exchanging it. For the first time, repairs can be carried out outside the production process. When things have to go really fast: we keep standard modules in stock.
Due to the modular structure of the MEXS 400, due to the uncomplicated exchange of the modules, it can be converted to any number of products within a short time. Long downtimes are now a thing of the past. This enables a better reaction to small batch sizes and these can be offered more cheaply.

By separating transport and measuring systems, LAW NDT is breaking new ground. Previous machines were completely developed and built for the materials to be tested. If the product ran out, the machines had to be extensively converted. It is different with the MEXS 400. If the test tasks change in the future, you can simply convert the MEXS to the current task by changing the module arrangement outside of the ongoing process.

Testing more than one product in one go is no longer a dream of the future. Thanks to the modular structure and the separation between material transport and measuring system, it is now possible for the first time to test several products at the same time in one process. The number of products tested at the same time only depends on the number of module positions and the installed feed and ejection positions. Ask us about the possibilities. The MEXS 400 is available with 2/4/6/8 or 10 module spaces.

The material is fed into the transport system via a newly designed transfer station. Bottlenecks in the flow of parts are eliminated by feeding on a continuous level from the guide rail to the transport system. Adjustment work with “sure instinct” on the feed rail with all associated disadvantages is a thing of the past.

Our Smart Check App as an external control system for the new measuring and testing systems of the MEXS 400 series creates innovative transparency. This allows you to log into the ongoing process of a system at any time and from anywhere and e.g. query how high the currently checked number of pieces is. This works very easily via your smartphone.

The MEXS 400 has a complete concept for remote maintenance. A simple internet connection is sufficient and our technicians can assist you at any time directly in the system.

Simply smart!

On client’s request we provide a complete package for internal data processing. Preventive maintenance under the motto– „Action, not Reaction“ and thus controlling the production reliably and with foresight.

A complete overview regarding the condition of the machine and the production results are up-to-the minute possible.

Plug & Work

The conventional rotary table becomes an oval transport route and the well-known, permanently installed test stations become individual, flexible modules: modules that can be inserted into the system at any time, log into the system fully automatically and expand the system’s function in the shortest possible time or solve modified tasks.

Do you work e.g. Now for a batch with eddy current crack detection and optical inspection of head and shaft, you can work with a new constellation minutes later thanks to the flexible and modular structure – e.g.with a second optical module or a structure test. By pushing in the mobile, intelligent module, the machine adapts to your tasks.

More flexible and modular built up

Flexibility in all parts

Quality assurance requirements

Quality assurance requirements in the manufacture of your products grow steadily. 100% testing has become a standard and the number of different estings grows continuously. Crack testing, optical testings, structure testing as well as many more are nowadays required component specific. by the end-client. Due to the resulting greater space requirement in the test systems, the conventional rotary table machines keep growing in diameter more and more which is likely to lead to unacceptable changeover times. The MEXS400 is the answer to these requirements. A world debut with an almost revolutionary and constructive approach.

Basic system for up to 10 testings stations

– Feeding of the components by means of inclined slide with horizontal conveyor
– Hold-down and width adjustable
– Diameter: up to 18 mm
– Total length: up to 250mm

The feed into the transport system takes place via a new type of transfer station on the same level as the feed.

– Carrier elements fort he respective workpieces
– Brushless servo gear motor
– Wear-free and low-noise roller mechanics 

The carrier elements can be exchanged without tools when changing types. Two sizes are possible for each carrier element by rotating it 180 degrees.

– IO-Auswurf mit elektrischem Auswerfer
– NIO ejection for ejection after optical testing with electric ejector
– Mechanical ejector

The MEXS 400 completely dispenses withpneumatic components! 

– Flexible control unit with all control elements and status display of  he individual modules 
– Bus system for higher-level evaluation and counter display
– Automatic registration via the plant bus system
– Decentralized control in the module with comprehensive operation

The entire system can be operated from each module!



Basis-Module BT-1

Basis station


Module EC-1

Crack test station


Module 360OG-1

Optical contour inspection 360


Module OG-2

Optical dimension control 

Industry 4.0

Everyone knows smartphones, smart Home too. We offer Smart Check as a control system for our new measuring and testing systems MEXS 400. Are you in the factory and need to know immediately how high the currently checked number of items is? Then connect to the system via your smartphone and you will already know.

It’s that easy.

Upon customer request, we can deliver a complete package for internal data processing. This enables maintenance and machine failures to be identified in advance. Acting instead of reacting and thus controlling production safely. Get a complete overview of the condition of the machine and the production results at a glance!

The MEXS 400 has a complete concept for access via the Internet. This means that our technicians are virtually on-site in the event of a problem and can provide support and advice to solve the problem. A simple access to the internet is enough. Depending on the availability of a fast cellular network, the function can also be used without the company’s internal network infrastructure or IT.

As an option, we offer a 24/7 telephone service with a service contract. Ask our sales department about the scope and services.

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